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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Church History

The Bread of Life
Bread of Life - former name of Love Mission Baptist Church

The Christian faith in Brgy. San Miguel, Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines started in 1986 under the pastorship of Pastor Ricardo Buenafe. The Christian church which was then known as Roadside Open Bible Chapel was located at Purok Paglaum, Brgy. San Miguel, Murcia.
 In 1993, Pastor Buenafe was hospitalized and the visiting pastor, of unknown Christian background, Pastor Fernando Alvaran, took over the pastorship of the Church. The Church was then under the Missionary Aid of Higherground Fundamental Baptist, and when the Mission board heard of the failing health of Pastor Buenafe, they sent a new pastor to take over. But Pastor Fernando Alvaran, the self-appointed pastor of the church was unwilling to give up his post. At this point, the church was divided, those who want to follow him moved to a different location and the remaining faithful were forced to abdicate the church to seek another place.
Pastor Jerry Elizarde pastored the remaining faithful who transferred to a new location in front of the barangay cemetery. The land where the new church was built was donated by Mrs. Romero. The name Roadside Open Bible Chapel was abandoned, instead Pastor Elizarde gave the church a new name, Living Spring Baptist Church. Due to Pastor Elizarde's hectic schedule, he offered the church to Pastor Eduardo Jungco who then offered the pastorship to Pastor Artemio Magallanes, Jr. in 1996.
Pastor Artemio C. Magallanes, Jr. started pastoring the church in November 1996 and named the church The Bread of Life Baptist Church. He started with 10 members. The church was under the CARE Ministries in 1996 until it experienced incredible growth in 1999. The small church can no longer accommodate the growing number of members that they decided to extend the church building. The church was then given financial aid by the Korean Presbyterian Missionaries in 1998 and when they saw the growing number of believers, they bought a piece of land just at the back of the church and the present church was then constructed and dedicated in 2000. The church was renamed Murcia Love Mission Church.
Scandals in the part of the Korean missionaries ended the Korean support in 2005. The churches under the Love Mission Fellowship - Philippines decided to continue the brotherhood they shared for nearly 10 years and decided to join hands together. In February 2008, nearly 3 years after the Korean Mission break-up, Rev. Lee Gi-jo of Ulsan Love Mission Church in South Korea visited the church and promised to restore the Korean fellowship. Almost one year later, on January 28, 2009, groups of Korean Christians under the leadership of Rev. Lee Gi-jo visited the church once again. At present the church is known as Love Mission Baptist Church and has more than 120 members.

Church Annivesary
LMBC turned 11, this picture was taken last November 25, 2007


Love Mission Baptist Church exists to:
> worship and glorify God by establishing a growing church in Brgy. San Miguel, Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines, that faithfully teaches and obeys the Scriptures;
> reach out in witness to unbelievers in Brgy. San Miguel and the surrounding communities;
> provide the warmth of fellowship among believers, and;
> make war with Satan and wickedness.
     W - worship
   W - witnes
   W - works
     W - warmth
    W - warfare

One of the Churches that Care