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Love Mission Baptist Church

FUN and GAMES!!!

Christian life is supposed to be filled with fun and laughter as we wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ! Though we may be tempted and tried at times, the Lord wants us to rejoice ever more! In this page you will find anything that interests you as a Christian - so whether you are old in the faith or new in the flock you will know that being a Christian is fun!


The Evil Brother

In a small town, there were two brothers who, over the course of many years, cheated, swindled, robbed and generally stole from everyone that they ever did business with.
The entire town and surrounding community reviled and despised these two brothers as everyone was aware of just how disreputable and dishonest they were.
One day, one of the brothers mysteriously died.
Although they had never attended church, the one remaining brother went to the local pastor and offered vast sums of money if he would come to the funeral and say the appropriate words, AND, a large bonus, but ONLY if he would - during the course of the eulogy -refer to his brother as "a Saint."
The pastor was troubled by the request, however, it was a very poor church and the church desperately needed repairs
The Parishioners had heard about the pastor's dilemma and were curious as to what he would do.
The Funeral began, the church was packed, and the pastor started with the usual prayers and followed the rites and traditions as required by the churches teachings. In closing, after referring to the man in the box, he paused and turned to face the remaining brother.
He began, "As you all know, the departed was an awful individual who robbed, cheated, swindled and stole from everyone he ever did business with.
However, compared to his Brother, he was - "a Saint!"

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